06 September 2005

Imaginary Pornographic Film number one

Political Animal in Heat

30' mpeg, homemade on video
Starring: Thomas Topham, Michelle Malkin, two other guys.

Synopsis: Michelle Malkin is sucked into an alternate universe, dazed and confused as she tries to come to terms with Liberal Democracy. Tom first convinces her to dress up in a tight little peasant girl / schoolgirl getup, with pigtails. She has on very little makeup, and no bra - throughout the shoot her flat chest and hard nipples are on full display whether in or out of her clingy white t-shirt. She comes to understand the value of non-exploitative pornography as she first gives Tom head, then enthusiastically moves on to lessons in deep throating the monster cocks of the other two guys. She turns out to be a very proficient, tolerant, and good-humored cocksucker. Facial cumshots, in quick procession from all three men and the cameraman, ends the scene.

Keywords: asian teen schoolgirl politics Michelle Malkin gag deepthroat bukakke


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