31 August 2005

3:45 AM

Woman: Well I don't know about pictures.

Man: Sweetheart, you're shaving your fucking head ANYWAYS, what's to be ashamed of?

Woman: Yeah, but I'm not a punk.

Man: It's not about being a punk; it's about the process of having your head shaved.

Woman: Yeah but you're not just shaving it, you're doing a series of intermediate hairstyles that I wouldn't be caught dead wearing, and I don't really want some sort of record of this.

Man: Look, the fact that you are letting me shave your head already indicates two things. One, you trust me. Two, you believe me when I say that your sex is inherent, in your soul, that I'll fuck you and want to fuck you regardless of your hairstyle. Three, you have a sexy skull; your hair is an additional bonus item, not a necessity...

Woman: Listen, darling, you have to understand me. I love this night, and drinking with you, I don't question the drugs at all, and I don't think that shaving my head is wrong. I'm excited about tomorrow, about the two of us being bald and naked together. Very Freudian, very THX1138, it's actually getting me wet right now. But please, darling, let's take the shots on full bald, and no need for the faux Mohawk that I was never seen in public in?

Man: You remember the scene, when THX's flat mate is asking him if he's taking his drugs? There`s a short time when the two of them are experiencing real love and affection and sex, without sedation, before the other guy reports him....

Woman: There is something about the baldness that really TURNS.ME.ON.

Man: Well why do you think I wanted to shave you? It's so hot... Let's rub skulls, umhh...

Woman: I've worn my hair long like that for... oh, I can't remember, since I was a schoolgirl...

Man: And this serves as a symbol in so many ways, and your consent in submitting to being shaved makes me love you that much more strongly. Your baldness strips you of your femininity, and confirms my infatuation. It brings contrast to your breasts, your hips, the disjuncture excites me... No, please, don't fight; just let me rub it on your thigh...

Woman: But you'll give me your injection regardless, you naughty boy. What ever made me consent to this madness? I have to teach tomorrow!

Man: Tell them that you've found true love. Or tell them it's the new you.

Woman: How long are these mushrooms supposed to last?

Man: For the rest of your life, meine Liebling. It will never be the same again.

This one is also old and brittle, it comes from hulver, where I parked texts for a little while. Texts shuffling around, now here now there, someday there will have to be new ones, I'll have to stop playing archivist and start playing writer...


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