26 August 2005

Hippy Pillow Talk

CUT TO: Exterior, large park, night. Hippy BRAD is quietly tapping on his bongos, wrapped in a large poncho with hippy girlfriend BETTY. BETTY is topless, and rolling a joint. OFF SCREEN LAUGHTER and PSYCHEDELLIC MUSIC suggest that they are at a love-in.

BETTY: Tell me again about after the revolution, sweetie?
BRAD: What, you mean after everyone tunes in and drops out, how there will be no more war and hate, only peace and brotherly love?
BETTY: No, the part about the drugs.
BRAD: Oh, well, like I was saying before, we'll be able to get high all the time because dope will be free.
BETTY: (confused) So, like, Raoul is just going to give it away?
BRAD: No, silly! (BRAD ruffles BETTY's hair, and kisses her cheek) We won't need dealers anymore, cause there won't be any laws or money, and we'll all just hang out here in the park all day.
BETTY: (still confused) But someone will still have to grow it, right? Won't they need money to feed their families, and buy clothes, and all that stuff? And don't we already hang out here all day in the park anyways?
BRAD: (hesitates) I never thought of it that way, hmm... Yeah, but I guess food and clothes will be free too, so they all won't need money either, too.
BETTY: But then like won't they all just want to hang out here in the park, like us? Why would they want to grow dope, or make clothes, or cook food, when there's nothing in it for them? (BETTY hands joint to BRAD)
BRAD: (lights joint, tokes repeatedly) Have a hit, baby. Peace and love. (BRAD grins and hands joint to BETTY)
BETTY: This is killer stuff, hey sweetie? (tokes) You gotta ask Raoul if he's got anymore of this Thai shit next time he's around here...

BETTY AND BRAD stare into space, each lost in confused, shallow thoughts. fade out.

My apologies, this is a repeat from a previous source, but I want to archive all my old texts here. Saves me writing anything new for a couple of weeks, while I get settled in... Originally from k5, a couple years back...


Anonymous hoot said...

Hah. This conversation could only have taken place during a very fleeting moment in history, say, somewhere between the summer of 1967 and the fall of 1968. After that, the hippy/yippee free love / free dope fantasy was all over for all but the most spectacularly self-delusional.

By the time Woodstock rolled around (late summer '69) it was pretty clear that money talked, hippy bullshit sold records....

I know. I was THERE, Shirley.

--The 55-year-old man

Anonymous hoot said...

although, come to think of it, Thai stick didn't appear here in N America until the mid- to late 70s.

So, this conversation probably never happened.


--The 55-year-old guy


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