27 August 2005

Communist Pillow Talk

Joining the communist vanguard is a win-win situation: if the revolution comes, you can be among the ones selecting rather than the ones selected, and if it turns out that communist theory is just a big pile of crap, well you haven't lost anything.

Therefore, I hereby officially declare myself to be a member of the communist vanguard!

CUT TO: interior bedroom, night. Communist member BRAD is lying in bed with his communist girlfriend, BETTY. They are in a post-coital cuddle / chat.

BETTY: Tell me again about after the communist revolution, sweetheart?
BRAD: What, about the workers and the new system of distribution and production?
BETTY: No, the part about our house.
BRAD: Well, as we'll be at the very front of the communist vanguard in the glorious revolution, I'll be pretty much calling the shots...
BETTY: With Blake and Tim, right?
BRAD: I told you, Betty, just because they're part of the local committee doesn't mean they'll have an important role at the national and international level. I'll probably keep them here in their district posts.
BETTY: You were going to tell me about the house.
BRAD: Yeah, and you interrupted! (BRAD kisses BETTY's forehead and strokes her hair) So, when I'm Chairman of the Central committee, we'll get to ride in limousines to all sorts of important places, and we'll live in a big palace with maids and assistants to take care of all the chores of everyday life.
BETTY: (staring lovingly into BRAD's eyes) Will we have a big screen TV?
BRAD: (laughs) Babe, you'll have the biggest god-damn wide screen TV on the planet!
(BETTY kisses BRAD passionately, on the lips. Fade out.)

Still just repeating old shit from k5, my apologies. Stale texts here! Come get your stale texts, bargain basement prices, stale texts right here folks!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Meatbomb... this isn't a comment about this post, but rather your questions on Metafilter about MAME. You want MAME32, not command-line MAME. Check that thread for more details.

I'd have emailed you, but I don't see any way to do that.

Sorry! Please go ahead and delete this after you read it.

-- Malor


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