08 August 2008

Prior Art

I might never get around to it, or by the time I do it it might already be done. For these reasons I hereby declare that today, Friday August 9th 2008, these things are my original ideas. If you see them done elsewhere, you know where they stole the idea from.

1) "Angry Geography Lesson". A youtube video short series. I stand in front of a classroom with a map of a continent and a pointer. I point out the countries and shout out the names, all while very angry. Perhaps I eventually rip the map down and start screaming and ranting.

2) "Soviet Housewife" blog. Byline "Tips and Tricks from the Land of Dearth". Documenting all the little kitchen techniques that you can do using free / salvaged shit that I have seen in kitchens across Central Asia. Examples include using the unglazed rim under a coffee cup as a knife sharpener and using old pantyhose to store onions.

3) I hate your nation and your culture. Based on the data collected here.

4) Naughty English. Youtube video series to help non-native speakers with their pronunciation. Practices the minimal pairs shit/sheet and bitch/beach.